Jurassic Park coming at you in 3D next year


Because of reasons, Jurassic Park will be re-released next year in eye-popping 3D. I mean, we were all clamoring and frothing at the mouth for this one, right?. Come on Universal, who are you kidding? If you guys really wanted me to go see Jurassic Park in theatres again, you’d cut out all the crap (which is everything without Jeff Goldblum) and release that. Now there’s something the masses would appreciate! Heck, make it a double feature with The Lost World. You know, the best one in the series.

Getting back on topic, look for the 3D bastardization of Jurassic Park on July 19, 2013. No word on when we’ll get a glimpse at some footage, but /Film makes a good point by betting on this year’s ComiCon.

[via /Film]