Jurassic Park IV could be in theaters in 2014


I love dinosaurs. LOVE ‘EM! So even though the last Jurassic Park film was, let’s say, disappointing (needed more Jeff Goldblum), I’m always willing to give it another go if only for the sake of the dinosaurs. So to that end, this news is a pleasant, but not entirely unexpected surprise.

Producer Frank Marshall has said that we can expect Jurassic Park IV within the next couple of years. This jives with what Steven Spielberg had said at last years Comic-Con, so one can assume everything is right on track. As of right now Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver — screenwriters of Rise of the Planet of the Apes — are working on the script, so I expect a crossover where Cesar and his simian brotherhood tame the great beasts and uses them to subjugate all of humanity.

Best. Movie. Ever.

[via Collider]