Jurassic Park trilogy takes a bite out of Blu-ray


The Jurassic Park trilogy is finally getting the high-definition treatment, arriving on Blu-ray on October 25th. To commemorate its arrival is this teaser trailer showcasing some of the enhanced visuals. It’s been almost 20 years, yet the dinosaurs still look really good. The only problems, however, are the sequels. Then again, CGI dinosaurs attacking humans is all we really need, right?

What I’d like to point out, though, are the rumored talks of a potential Jurassic Park IV. Wouldn’t it be just swell if the bigheads involved used this Blu-ray collection release as a soapbox to announce the sequel? It’d be perfect timing, both in terms of the home media release, but also with Halloween looming just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinosaurs back in our lives?