Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom poster has dinosaurs, is a clusterf@%k


Team Dtoid, I wanted–no, I really, really wanted to make fun of this official poster for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Let’s be honest, if a summer flick delivers a poster that’s just too confusing to understand, it is fair game for internet commentary and jaded haters like me.

Only, it turns out that this homage-like 80s recreation poster is fan work, selected by director J.A. Bayona, Universal Pictures and the producers of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The fact that a franchise, a major motion picture, would do something like this is incredibly cool. Credit is due and I’m paying it out. On top of that, instead of creating a potentially cheesy situation, they selected a legitimate fan artist who was able to create something believable enough to pass for real.

Albeit real in the sense that it falls into all the classic trappings, dressings, and framings of a movie poster clusterfuck. Was the concept to imagine every dinosaur ever and throw them all in one big orgy of mega-yawns? Flying God Dinos in the sky! Toss a peon dino stampede pulling a lemming exodus and a single tiny helicopter up top, stage right, and you’ve created the perfect jurassic poster disaster.

It’s like a King Kong scenario but the dinos are both the giant monkeys and the tiny people.

Then there’s the volcano which could not have been planned any better. One must wonder if the producers of JWFK are actually behind the worldwide volcano outbreak as some sort of viral marketing gone wrong. Did you notice the Sam Neil easter egg hinting at a possible return for a certain DR. AG?

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