Justice League Dark, the animated, R-rated feature has a trailer


So the dirty is this: another straight to DVD market animated film from Warner Brothers DC Universe, following the success of Batman: The Killing Joke is ready for release and there’s a brand new trailer to tell you about it.

Director Jay Oliva said he basically wanted to “make a horror film with superheroes.” Hence the R-rating for “disturbing violence.” And we can probably assume a Zatanna Constantine and Batman love scene … “Does that utility belt carry, condoms, Batman?” Fifty fifty chance that’s accurate.

And perhaps most surprising of all, this will be the 27th film in the in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, not to mention the many TV series. While the live-action DC Cinematic Universe has floundered compared to Marvel’s, their animated game is STRONG.

Check out the hot sauce below and let me know your thoughts: will Justice League Dark top Batman: The Killing Joke? Is there even a comparison to be made? And are you excited to catch the proposed Zatanna, Constantine, Batman three-way?

Justice League Dark - Official Trailer





[Via Slashfilm]