Justice League film potentially disregards continuity


This tip comes with an entire shaker of salt, as the source of this news comes from a Batman site, but rumor has it that Warner Bros. and DC Comics might be plotting their Justice League film as a standalone entity. Wipe those eyes, fanboys, as we try to dissect any logic behind such news. Get your underoos on, because we might be gone awhile.

A lot of elements are in play when it comes to the DC film universe: the Nolan Batman films have reached their end, Green Lantern bombed, and when Man of Steel comes out, we’d have had two separate actors playing Superman in consecutive films. With such a rocky film history as of late, it makes sense for WB and DC to essentially reboot their entire universe, what with there not even being an existing universe to begin with.

This leads to the potential of having multiple actors/actresses portraying various characters, which could lead to confusion and the complete opposite of brand marketing. I’ve gone on record as being pro-Marvel, especially when it comes to their film universe. With every successive, Marvel Studios-produced film, they’ve expanded upon their universe, culminating in this summer’s The Avengers. While it’s possible that WB and DC could use Justice League as a platform for them to build upon, the potential confusion (and general unfamiliarity with the characters outside of the Trinity) could prove to be detrimental.

The real question is how this affects/includes the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. Really, that’s all I care about.

[via Batman On Film]