Justice League in 2013, Batman to be rebooted


Alright gang, time for good news/bad news. Which do you want to start with? What’s that? Ok, good news first. Warner Bros. has announced that a Justice League film will be “…on the big screen in 2013”. So, I guess that’s a thing. No mention of which heroes will be in it, but my money is on Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter. I don’t know how they’ll get a good JLA flick in theatres in two years, though. To do it right, there would already have to be a script and actors cast or near signing. I’ve haven’t heard either of those things yet, so I guess we’ll have to take WB’s word on it. Hey, if Tarantino can make Inglorious Basterds in a year, I guess it’s realistic for WB to make a decent Justice League flick in two.

And now the bad news. Well, I guess not “bad”, per se, “unfortunate” is more like it. WB president Jeff Robinov commented on the future of the Batman franchise, saying “…we’ll have to reinvent Batman…Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”

So, Batman will be rebooted to fit in with the Justice League movie with Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas producing? This reboot idea doesn’t sound quite as bad as originally thought. I guess it all depends on the script, as always. I highly doubt we’ll be going back to the silly Batman movies of years past, and treading closer to the Nolan-era Bat-flicks.

[via /Film]