Justice League is going through reshoots


If you’re hoping the upcoming Justice League will be on par with the newly released (and critically acclaimed) Wonder Woman, you may want to temper that optimism. Rumors have surfaced claiming Justice League is undergoing extensive re-shoots this summer. While the entire cast will be coming back to film, re-shooting this far into development is a risky proposition.

The re-shoots start this month, and according to the report, could continue into early August. This likely has to do with Zack Snyder stepping down as director following a family tragedy. Still, DC is no stranger to tinkering with their movies when they really, really shouldn’t be, so it’s not as if these rumors are out of the ballpark.

What worries me is that Joss Whedon is assuming directorial duties in Snyder’s absence, and, with no disrespect to Whedon, this seems like a poor choice. These directors styles couldn’t be more different. Whedon loves his quirky dialogue, strong women and (sometimes) clever writing, but Snyder focuses almost entirely on strong visual imagery to punctuate important moments. Trying to meld these two approaches together seems like oil and water.

We’ll have to wait until November 17, 2017 to see Justice League, but hopefully it beats the odds, and proves to be as good as Wonder Woman was.