Justice League movie still happening…in 2017


While adding Batman to Man of Steel 2 is a great step forward, looks like DC Comics is taking two steps back when it comes to the big Justice League team up. Since the Man of Steel sequel is releasing in 2015, JL’s tentative 2015 date no longer holds enough ground (since WB was waiting to see how well MoS performed), Warner Bros have decided to tentatively bump a Justice League (which will most likely be directed by Zack Snyder) film to 2017. 

But wait, there’s more! Warner Bros also plans to release a Flash, you know that really fast guy, film in 2016 after the second Man of Steel. Which means we’ll officially get DC’s Holy Trinity, Batman, Superman, and…not Wonder Woman. Seriously, a Flash movie before Wonder Woman? A Green Lantern movie before Wonder Woman? A Superman/Batman movie before Wonder Woman? I better not have to wait until 2017 to get Wonder Woman in a movie. 

[via THR]