Justice League’s script thrown out, reportedly ‘terrible’


Warner Bros. is really having a tough time getting their act together. With Marvel continually doing as well as they are with their line-up of films, WB is definitely feeling the pressure of producing a good enough set of films too. First, a Justice League film is announced for 2015 (to release alongside Avengers 2), then the film reportedly rips off the plot of the first Avengers (and their villain), then the JLA line-up becomes outrageous, then WB decides to wait and see how Man of Steel performs before going even going forward with the project.

Now apparently hiring the guy who wrote Gangster Squad to write the team up was a bad idea (who’d a thunk it?). According to Badass Digest, they’ve received word from multiple sources that the script Will Beall wrote has been scrapped because it was “terrible.” It featured Darkseid doing something or other while the team line-up has gone through multiple shakeups at the whim of the producers. So in order to go forward with this, WB wants to see if Man of Steel performs okay, they need to nail down a director, aaaaaaand now need a brand new script… all within the span of two years (if it even gets released at all).

Stop it Warner Bros. Just stop already.

[via Badass Digest]