Justice League stinks, has the worst B.O. in DCEU history


Surprising no one, with the official end of Justice League‘s box office run, it stands dead last in the DC Extended Universe tallies. Sad face, JL, sad face. Take a look at the global box office numbers:

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $873,634,919

2. Wonder Woman – $821,847,012

3. Suicide Squad – $746,846,894

4. Man of Steel – $668,045,518

5. Justice League – $657,924,295

What’s surprising is that despite the general audience disdain for these DCEU films — outside of Wonder Woman, of course — these films have grossed what they have. These are not box-office flops, by any stretch of the imagination.

The takeaway? If Warner Brothers and DC can embrace creative direction aligned with audience interests, they still have the potential to reap huge financial rewards. Despite what’s largely been a progression of underwhelming and disappointing films panned by critics, and only entertained (not loved) by audiences, there’s clear demand for a legitimate alternative to the MCU.

Are you still interested in future DC films, or have you given up? Personally, I’m thinking it might be time for Bloodshot (recently cast with Vin Diesel) after all.

‘Justice League’ Ends Box Office Run as Lowest-Grossing DCEU Movie [Collider]