Justin Bieber gets director’s cut before it’s even on DVD


It’s not often that a film gets a director’s cut before it hits home video. But Justin Bieber is big business, and who can fault director Jon M. Chu when he has been blessed with “an embarrassment of riches when [he] was in the cutting room”? Due to the large amount of excess footage shot for the teenage pop star’s glorified “Behind the Music” documentary, Chu has been in contact with Bieber’s fans on Facebook and Twitter to find out what more they wanted to see in a new version of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Starting February 25th, Paramount’s new version, burdened with the unwieldy title of “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” Director’s Fan Cut, will premiere in 3D theaters across the US and Canada for a limited one-week engagement. A mind-blowing ten whole minutes have been added, bringing the running time up to an epic 115 minutes. New scenes include new song performances, footage from fan premieres, and Bieber dicking around with his friends. Truly essential snippets for Bieber’s biggest fans.

Of course, if they really cared about the fans, there’s no reason they couldn’t have polled them before the film released and put this stuff in the original cut. I’m sure they’ll make much more money from teenage girls and creepy old moms returning to the theater to see a couple new scenes of Bieber acting like a “normal” kid with his friends. Personally, I can’t wait for the eventual Blu-ray release, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” Director’s Fan Cut Ultra Omega Edition: Turbo Alpha Mix: Return of Jafar.