Justin Lin to direct Space Jam 2 with Lebron James


Holy mother of pearl, it’s happening. It’s really happening. We’re about to return to the Jam and Lebron James is coming with us (also Justin Lin). THR is reporting that the basketball star is set to star in the Looney Toons sequel with Lin directing, and the dreams of every 90s child funding it all. 

Seriously, we’ve been talking about a Space Jam sequel since the first film came out and now here it is. Lebron has been wanting to be in it for years, and we all thought it was going to never happen at one point.  But it is now.

Lin will be writing the screenplay along with some other folks and then everyone is going to start believing they can effing fly. R. Kelly will start hanging out in corn fields again. Bill Murray will make a surprise appearance to save the day. All our dreams will come true.

Well, except the one where 1990s Michael Jordan teleports to the future and makes Space Jam 2 because no one else can really do it (sorry, Lebron), especially not present day, once had a Hitler-stache, weirdo Michael Jordan. 

Matthew Razak
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