Justin Lin to direct Star Trek 3


If you’re one of many people, like myself and the rest of the Flixist staff, then you’re anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7. That’s all thanks to the work of Justin Lin, and while he may not be directing the latest installment himself, he’s the reason it’s become the juggernaut series it has become today. Can you imagine what he can do for a middling franchise like, say, Star Trek? Thankfully, we won’t have to imagine for much longer. 

According to THR, Justin Lin has been picked off a shortlist of directors to direct the next Star Trek film after Roberto Orci left the project (and after J.J. Abrams went on to direct Star Wars The Force Awakens, of course). The man knows his stuff, and the Star Trek films had the right stuff but were flopping around in the action scenes. Star Trek plus Fast and Furious action? This is going to sooooo great. #ENTERPRISEFAMILY

[via THR]