Justin Lin will not direct Fast and Furious 7


You know how Vin Diesel said Fast Se7en could start filming in the Summer? That’s totes happening. Universal has sped up the production schedule for the Fast franchise as they expect the seventhquel to release Summer 2014. Last night, Justin Lin (director of the Fast franchise since Tokyo Drift) has backed out of the franchise due to timing issues. If Lin were to direct Fast Se7en with Universal’s new schedule, he would have to begin shooting the new film while finishing up production on Fast and Furisix. And that’s just terrible. 

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Lin left amicably with no hard feelings toward Universal or the cast, and a new director is expected to be chosen within the week (How cheap! Let the man breathe first!). I think Lin’s just smart and got out while he could. If Universal’s going to start speeding these out the door and cheapening the franchise, they’re eventually going to dip in quality. 

I’m also hoping that Fast Six is Lin’s opus. He’s done great things for the Fast series (such as making them entertaining), so I’m sad to see him go. But at the same time, I’m sort of glad he got out. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Maybe something with boats. 

[via THR]