K-Pop: Demon Hunters announced from Spider-Verse studio


There is no one group of people I fear on this earth more than the K-pop stans. From their sheer size to the passion they have for their favorite bands, I dare not cross the path of the rogue K-pop fan. I can mess with Star Wars fans. I can annoy Marvel fans. I can even poke fun at DC fans like myself, especially those delusional enough to believe the Snyder Cut will be good. But K-pop fans? You can’t pay me enough to do that. Which is why I’m sure they will flock to the newly announced animated film from Sony, K-Pop: Demon Hunters. K-pop stans usually stick together and do things in flocks.

If that title sounds cringy, don’t worry it kind of is. It’s a working title so it most likely is going to change, but the premise of the film, which was announced by Sony yesterday, is pretty obvious. It’s an animated film about a group of K-pop artists who by day perform for their adoring fans and by night slay demons. Just by the concept alone I’m interested if only because I’m all up for an action-packed musical (yes this is going to be a musical). But once you factor in that this will be handled by the same production house that gave us 2018’s animated masterpiece Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and you have officially given me hope that this can be a good movie.

I’m not usually one to swear loyalty to a particular studio or production company as I feel that anyone and everyone is capable of creating good and bad movies, but making a movie like Spider-Verse can give you a lot of leeway with me. While it’s unclear what the animation style has yet to be seen and we don’t even know when the film is going to come out. K-Pop: Demon Hunters currently does not have a release date and given that Sony has several animated projects in the works like Hotel Transylvania 4, The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines (formerly Connected), and the sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, it could be some time until we hear more about this. Still, call me interested.

Jesse Lab
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