Karen Gillan to star in Not Another Happy Ending


Fetching Scots lass Karen Gillan has seen her star rise quickly since taking the role of Amy Pond in Doctor Who and she’s now preparing to make the move to the big screen with Not Another Happy Ending, a Scottish indie comedy about a best-selling writer who develops a mental block as her personal life improves. In an attempt to get around this predicament, her publisher (to be played by Emun Elliott) does the most logical thing and tries to make her life as miserable as possible, only to discover that… GASP!… he is falling in love with her.

Okay, so all that sounds tediously formulaic and ridiculous. However, as anyone who has been watching the past season-and-a-half of Doctor Who will know, Gillan is a versatile actress and can be extremely charming when need be. Her personable screen presence is perfect for this kind of material and whilst I’m not going to go so far as to suggest that anyone should be looking forward to this or anything, I will say that it’ll be interesting to see how she plans out her career beyond Who, and that any opportunity to adorn a post with a headshot of her immaculate countenance is one to be thankful for.

[via Screen Daily]