Karl Urban says Dredd 2 conversations happening


OK, OK. Let’s all just settle down. Just because Karl Urban says that talks about a sequel to the insanely awesome Dredd are actually occurring does not mean anything will come of it. In fact, the chances are nothing will so we shouldn’t freak out and run around our houses screaming YIPEE while ripping our clothes of in ecstasy. Trust me, don’t do that.

All Urban said was that “conversations” were taking place on the sequel between the studio, the director and writer Alex Garland thanks to the fact that DVD/Blu-ray sales were strong and people won’t shut up about it. The fact that everyone is actually talking is damn exciting and far more movement then I thought would ever actually come of it.

Let’s put our pants back on, but keep our fingers crossed.

[via What Culture]

Matthew Razak
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