Karl Urban says Dredd sequel still possible


Dredd was a fantastic movie that was horribly ignored because reasons. Then suddenly, everyone realized how badass it was. And like The Raid: Redemption (which is already getting a sequel), Dredd gained a following through home video. Now while a sequel at first seemed unlikely because it didn’t do well in theaters (but Adi Shankar decided to go forward with a short film version of it anyway), according to Karl Urban, a sequel is still totes possible.

In an interview in Collider, Karl Urban explained that a sequel is “not off the agenda”:

Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning.  It’s not off the agenda.  Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.  It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen.  The power of fandom can resurrect projects.  In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek.  They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”

Basically if there’s a loud enough audience for it, Dredd 2 can be a thing. I’m not a guy who asks for sequels, but please make this happen, internet. Get crackin’ on your forums and the Twitter, and bother the hell out of these folks until we get what we want. 

[via Collider]