Kate Beckinsale offered role in Total Recall


The role of Lori in Len Wiseman’s upcoming Total Recall remake has been linked to many attractive actresses, but Deadline are reporting that the role has been offered to Kate Beckinsale, who was not even on the original shortlist.

Beckinsale is married to Wiseman and the two have a long-standing working partnership on the Underworld films, with her currently filming the fourth entry in the series which he produces (and directed the first two entries). Although it’s tempting to make jokes about nepotism, Beckinsale could be a solid choice for the role. In Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 movie, Lori was an undercover assassin masquerading as protagonist Doug Quaid’s wife. Beckinsale is certainly attractive enough to be a fantasy wife and has any number of credits to her name requiring warmth and charm, but she also has the experience of leading an action franchise under her husband’s direction. Whether she’ll be able to combine those two skillsets into a single credible character will be the real test, but in lieu of any answers, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves for now with the gratuitous deployment of sexy photos after the jump. Oh well.

[via Deadline]

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