Keanu Reeves has read the Bill & Ted 3 script


…and he loves it, apparently. He reportedly said that he and Alex Winter (Bill) are “trying to put it together” and that it’s “a good script.” It’s kind of a contradiction in terms, because if the script is supposedly finished, but they’re still putting it together, then it’s not really finished, is it? To me, this means that it’s pretty much finished, but they’re working out the kinks. Oh, and he clears up that apparent controversy over whether or not he and Alex Winter are still friends by saying, “Alex and I are still friends.” He goes on to say that he would “love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again.” Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon cowrote the first Bill & Ted films, by the way.

Lately, Chris Matheson has written nothing of note since A Goofy Movie, surprisingly enough. He also wrote and directed Evil Alien Conquerers, a surprisingly hilarious B-movie that, if it was pushed as hard as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was back in the 80’s, could have been a franchise all its own. Ed Solomon wrote the first Men in Black film as well as offered a script for the Super Mario Bros. movie. He also wrote Mom and Dad Save the World, if anyone remembers that film. I know I do. It seems that both these guys haven’t really developed anything great in some time. Let’s hope Bill & Ted 3 changes that.

[Via ContactMusic]