Keanu Reeves meets with Hobbs & Shaw writer over potential inclusion in franchise


Keanu Reeves is hot right now. The Fast and the Furious franchise has been hot for more than a decade. It was only a matter of time before these two forces would collide. As ScreenRant reports, Hobbs & Shaw writer Chris Morgan recently met with Reeves about a potential role in a future Fast and the Furious film.

Speaking to the publication in promotion of Hobbs & Shaw’s home video release, Morgan said, “I sat down with him and we’re talking about it. I wanted him to be in the Fast universe for a very long time. We’re just trying to find…the hardest thing is always time and competing schedules and then designing the right thing together. My fervent desire is to bring him into this franchise for sure.” Nothing is finalized, but there is precedent here for Reeves’ inclusion.

As the story goes, Reeves was originally supposed to show up in Hobbs & Shaw as terrorist leader Eteon. Scheduling conflicts kept him from the film, so the role of Eteon was turned into a mysterious disembodied voice. With the spin-off film making ridiculous money at the worldwide box-office, it’s likely going to get a sequel and that will probably be where Reeves fits into the picture.

I’m not sure if Fast and the Furious needs Reeves, but it never hurts to get good talent involved.

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