Keanu Reeves returns to romance in trailer for Destination Wedding

DESTINATION WEDDING | OFFICIAL TRAILER – Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves Movie | In Theaters August 31

Keanu Reeves has basically been doing nothing but action for years now, but the man had a pretty solid romantic career when he first started out. I’m not sure anyone was chomping at the bit for him to return to those roots, but Destination Wedding is going to let him do just that. Alongside Winona Ryder, the pair will be making fun of love and possibly falling in love themselves depending on what kind of rom com this is.

I’m… honestly not sure how to feel here. Reeves doesn’t usually take cash in roles so part of wants to believe this movie has something a bit more to it. On the other hand it looks pretty straightforward, only able to skate by on the charm of its leads. And by charm I mean weirdness. Ryder and Reeves as a duo are playing it hardcore deadpan in this trailer and it makes for a really odd tone. What the hell is this movie? 

Matthew Razak
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