Keanu Reeves turns Japanese in 47 Ronin trailer


So you gather a cast of awesome Japanese actors and you put them in a movie based on Japan’s greatest story. You even keep the name of the story for your movie title, 47 Ronin. What’s missing? A white hero, of course. Enter Keanu Reeves to make it all better.

OK, aside from the fact that there was no white outsider in the 47 ronin story this movie looks weak all around. I’m sure the budget was definitely up there because the visuals are solid (and it reportedly went over budget), but there’s nothing here that’s really exciting me and I’m guessing the best parts are already in the trailer. Add to that the fact that the director may have been locked out of the editing studio by Universal and you’ve got a movie destined to crash and burn. Let’s hope the fights actually turn out better than they look. The only one here that is piquing my interest is the teleporting monks. 

Are you excited for this one?

Matthew Razak
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