Keanu Reeves will have a big role in Hobbs & Shaw… at some point


If there’s one thing that the Fast & Furious franchise is good at its pulling in every modern action star ever to be in at least one of their movies. It’s like The Expendables but more successful. And what action series that pulls in every action star would be complete without Keanu Reeves, the man who has twice over redefined action cinema (first with The Matrix and next with John Wick)? None, and the F&F folks know that and that’s why rumors are saying that Keanu is joining the cast of Hobbs & Shaw in a major villain role.

Now, you may be asking, isn’t Idris Elba the bad guy in Hobbs and Shaw? Yes, and he still is. This isn’t some big surprise role in this film, but possibly a quick tease at the villain for the inevitable sequel. We’re thinking an end credits sequence since that’s how the series has liked to tease its big casting announcements in the past. 

This is all a rumor at the moment, but I’m not sure why someone would randomly make it up. We’ve got some time until we find out as the movie doesn’t release until Aug. 2.

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Matthew Razak
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