Keen images from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom


More and more Moonrise Kingdom stuff is coming our way as the film’s release approaches. There was that absolutely boss poster for the film about a month ago, and last week there was a very Wes Andersony cast photo. Here we have more glimpses of the world of Moonrise Kingdom, which is like one big woodsy diorama.

In addition to these new images, some details have emerged about the film’s soundtrack from ABCKO Records. The soundtrack will feature songs by Hank Williams, Françoise Hardy, Benjamin Britten, and Leonard Bernstein. The original score for Moonrise Kingdom is by Alexandre Desplat (who also scored Fantastic Mr. Fox), though Mark Mothersbaugh has contributed some percussion compositions. Expect an official tracklist in the next few weeks. Oh, and also, ARE WE NOT MEN?!

Moonrise Kingdom opens the Cannes Film Festival on May 16th, the soundtrack drops on May 22nd, and the film hits theaters on May 25th. In the gallery, all the new images as well as the cover to the soundtrack.

[FilmoFilia via The Playlist; The Playlist (again)]

Hubert Vigilla
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