Kelsey Grammer joins Expendables 3


Kelsey Grammer isn’t a name that immediately pops into mind when you think about casting choices for Expendables 3, but with the news that he’s joined the cast it does kind of make sense. Grammer will be taking over a role originally earmarked for Nicholas Cage, which also doesn’t initially make sense. However, it could work.

Anyone who watched Boss knows that Grammer can be far more than the friendly radio therapist he’s best known for. He’s just great a being nefarious, which this role will probably call for. Now, it probably won’t be as weird a role as when Cage was going to perform it, but Grammer can get a little crazy as well. Even if he ends up sucking the cast for the film is so large now that it’s looking like every actor will have about two lines and then be forgotten as more explosions occur. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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