Kenneth Branagh to direct Jack Ryan reboot


Of all of Thor‘s problems, I think Kenneth Branagh’s direction was definitely the least of that film’s concerns. He worked out a reasonably competent, though overly canted and occasionally muddy in 3D, superhero action film, and I think the franchise lost an asset with his departure. Branagh has evidently not lost the taste for franchised tentpoles, as he’s now attached to direct the as-yet untitled reboot of Tom Clancy’s famous Jack Ryan series, with Chris Pine set to play Ryan, as doing one Star Trek movie every half-decade is probably not enough for his piggy bank.

I’m pumped to see this series coming back, as I’ve liked every single Jack Ryan movie that’s been released so far. I even think The Sum of all Fears is one of the forgotten political thriller gems of the last ten years, and last I heard, it wasn’t fashionable to like Ben Affleck acting in things he’s not directing, so you can tell that I’m edgy and underground and cool. That’s what makes a real hipster, kids. An undying love of Ben Affleck and Tom Clancy movies.

[Vulture, via Collider]