Kermit and Miss Piggy split up alongside details of new docu-style show


Prior to a Television Critic’s Association panel yesterday covering ABC’s upcoming The Muppets television show, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy announced on their Facebook pages that their world famous interspecies relationship had finally come to an end.

That’s right, the classic Muppet couple of stage and screen has finally broken up and both Kermit and Miss Piggy are in the process of seeing other people.

Kermit posted, saying–

After careful thought, thoughtful consideration and considerable squabbling, Miss Piggy made the difficult decision to terminate our romantic relationship. We will continue to work together on television… and in all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, throughout the universe. However, our personal lives are now distinct and separate, and we will be seeing other people, pigs, frogs, et al. This is our only comment on this private matter. Thank you for your understanding.

This surprising news comes of course a few months before The Muppets is set to premier this Fall. The premise of the show was discussed at the TCA panel with excutive producers Bill Prady, Bob Kushell, Randall Einhorn, and Muppet veteran Bill Barretta. The show will follow the lives of the Muppets at work and at home in a pseudo-documentary style a la The Office.

The Muppets candidly follows the gang as they work to produce a late-night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy– which is implied as late-late-night chaser to Jimmy Kimmel’s own talk show on the same channel. While the new show isn’t a variety show like previous Muppet endeavors, musical acts and celebrities are still lined up to make appearances on the show, with the band Imagine Dragons appearing on Up Late With Miss Piggy in the first episode and Reese Witherspoon already confirmed to make an appearance in a future episode.

As saddening as it is to hear that Kermit and Piggy are no longer together, one has to wonder if it’s only a publicity stunt to set up some early drama for the new show and set some storylines in motion. For all you Muppet hopefuls out there, maybe the timeless couple will get back together over the course of the series.

The Muppets premiers on September 22 on ABC.