Kevin Costner up for “key role” in Superman[UPDATED]


Aside from Open Range, I’m of the opinion that Kevin Costner’s best role was as the dead guy in The Big Chill. You can tell I’m not a fan. This morning, Deadline reported that Costner  is up for a “key role” in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot. That role is unknown at present, but there’s a fair amount of internet commenter consensus that it’s Jonathan Kent, Superman’s adoptive Earth father. A few people think it might be Jor-El, Superman’s birth father from Krypton, and frankly, that’s just as likely. Because if we’re rebooting the franchise, we might as well show baby Kal-El seen off the dying planet by his parents again.

If they really wanted to get crazy, they’d cast him as Aquaman and tie the whole thing into Waterworld. That would make me completely change my opinion on the film and probably make me mess my pants a little.

[Via Deadline]

(Update: Latino Review has an update on Costner’s mystery role. He’s indeed up to play Jonathan Kent.)