Kevin Durant won’t be in my sequel to Space Jam


During a press junket for the upcoming movie Thunderstruck, the film’s star and NBA superstar Kevin Durant was answering the usual questions left and right. He even commented that he’s been asked the same questions for the past few days. Naturally, I had to spice things up.

“Mr. Durant, would you star in the sequel to Space Jam that I have written in my head?”

“Nah man, not if you wrote it.”

I respect Mr. Durant’s wishes, but I hope he could see the big picture. Michael Jordan reprising his defining role as Michael Jordan, along with Bill Murray and Wayne Knight. Together, they team up with Kevin Durant to fight the Monstars v2. This time, they’re bigger, meaner, and more talented at basketball than ever before. After losing the first game to them, the Toons, MJ, and KD have to travel back in time to recruit the Tiny Tunes characters for a truly epic match for control of the entire universe.

After the laugher died down from KD’s answer, the panel moderator from Warner Bros. said “Well, we do own the rights to those characters and could easily go back to the well…” So maybe Warners is actually looking into a sequel to Space Jam? Only time will tell, I guess.