Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody to be a two parter


There are some kacak iddaa stories that you just couldn’t contain in one film. Epic kacak bahis tales that bridge massive worlds and themes. Now a new story comes along that cannot be confined to the running time of illegal bahis a single film. No, Kevin Smith’s upcoming comedy about hockey, Hit Somebody, is just too large to online bahis even think about being one film the director revealed.

At a recent Red State screening, Smith said that the first bahis sitelerifilm would be about the childhood of Buddy, a kid who guvenilir bahis siteleri dreams of one day scoring a goal in the NHL. The second film with then canli bahis be about Buddy in the NHL. You can understand from this canli bahis siteleri why it’s a good thing Smith has ditched the studio system because there is no way in hell anyone exec would greenlight a four hour comedic NHL epic from a iddaa siteleri director whose movies haven’t really been grossing that much money. This bahis way he gets to make what he wants however he wants to — for better or worse.

I’m sure all of Canada will turn out for both films, but what about all our non-Canadian readers? You interested?

[Hour Community, via TotalFilm]

Matthew Razak
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