Kevin Smith starting anti-movie review web show

Spoilers Teaser Trailer with Kevin Smith and Hulu

On June 4th, Kevin Smith is starting a Hulu web show called Spoilers, an anti-movie-review talk show featuring movie reviews (sort of). “We don’t review movies, we revere movies,” he specifies in another promo for Spoilers. Each half-hour show will be divided into different segments, including a movie revere, something with Jason Mewes recreating movie scenes, a look at the Criterion Collection, an interview with a film icon, and a debate with an Armond White-style hater who is a friend of Smith’s.

The movie reveres will run like so: Smith will watch a movie with 50 other people who sign up online. (“On opening day,” Smith told Wired. “None of this early bulls**t, ain’t doing it like those critics, doing it legit.” Because early screenings are not legit, apparently.) He’ll go around with a mic asking the 50 people what they thought. Call me crazy, but that might be hard to sculpt down into a couple minutes in a half-hour show.

I wonder how much room for dissent, differing opinion, and dislike will be on Spoilers, or if the show will be more about pats on the back and boosterism. You can dislike something, and as long as your dislike is well-reasoned and not full of cheap shots and unnecessary nastiness, that’s fine. It can actually be reverential because you put a lot of thought into something someone created even if you didn’t care for it. And what about outright hate? Sometimes you see a movie and you just detest it; your mind is not driven by reverence but by rage, especially if you just paid $12 for garbage.

[Wired via AV Club]

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