Kevin Smith talks some more, says Red State coming to VOD


Kevin Smith’s Red State has been somewhat of a polarizing film, what with the whole Sundance fiasco and its “revolutionary” take on distribution. Now the director has announced the next phase of his master plan on his podcast as well as details as to what exactly you’ll be getting for ticket price.

Smith has paired up with Lionsgate to distribute Red State on Video on Demand and Blu-Ray with a Labor Day release on VOD. The movie will cost a sawbuck ($10) to order on VOD and will lead up to the theatrical release of the film in October. Though the film will only play in select theaters, those theaters will follow up the screening with a live streaming of a Q&A with Smith and cast followed by a live taping of the Hollywood Babble-on podcast. All of that, for a measly two sawbucks ($20, do you guys not know what a sawbuck is!?).

Kevin Smith has also posted another long winded “manifesto” on The Red Statements, detailing his plan and reasoning for the partnership. Quite frankly, I’m just tired of all the talk about the future of distribution and the impending film revolucion and just want to watch the damn movie already.

Now, can someone please explain to me what the hell a Labor Day is and when that’s supposed to happen again?

[via /Film]