Kevin Smith to Hit Somebody with one movie, not two


Kevin Smith is screenwriting a hockey film called Hit Somebody. Apparently he had once planned to film the movie in two parts, presumably because the story is just that epic. Now Smith has been tweetering, twitterpated, on his Twitter (or whatever) that he’s going to merge the movie back into one script again, clocking it in at a bold 150 minutes. I don’t know how long I can possibly sit through a hockey movie when the average time for sports movies is about 110 minutes (I just made that up, but it sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?). Smith is looking to start filming in June and aiming for an early 2013 premier at the Sundance Film Festival. Still no word on where this film fits in with the rest of the Askewnaverse. I see it as possibly happening simultaneously to Chasing Amy, since there was a hockey game in it.

Personally, I think Kevin Smith’s last good film was Jersey Girl. Yeah, yeah, a lot of people didn’t like it for reasons that aren’t readily apparent, conveniently enough, but it was a nice, heart-warming little film. Now, I haven’t really been paying too much attention to Kevin Smith’s career after the train wreck that was Clerks 2, but I’m pretty sure his career is in trouble. I did see Cop-Out, which produced laughs, but it was so unbelievable I couldn’t really take it seriously. Then he made Red State, which met mixed reviews. Now this hockey movie. None of these movies, with the exception of Clerks 2, have taken place in the Askewnaverse, funnily enough. Cause or Coincidence?

*Shrug* (aimed at Kevin Smith’s current career).

[Via /Film]