Kevin Tancharoen had a Hunger Games pitch, was too cool


Kevin Tancharoen, the same guy who did the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth pitch video and Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, once pitched an idea for the Hunger Games adaptation, according to an interview with /Film. Like Joe Carnahan’s sadly shut down Daredevil pitch, Tancharoen’s original edited together sizzle reel has been released to the public. And also like Carnahan’s pitch, Tancharoen’s take was just to cool to exist.

Tancharoen took footage from the likes of 300, Harry Potter, I think the Fifth Element or something, and Doomsday and edited it all together to make something that resembles the Hunger Games stories. The more important thing to note is his tone. The pitch paints the Capitol and the Districts a little darker and more Science Fiction-y. Considering the toned down version Ross went with, Tancharoen’s Hunger Games would have been some nice eye candy. The flick seemed liked it was missing something more visceral, and maybe a darker tone would alleviate problems shakycam could not. 

And hey you never know, Tancharoen may get to direct a Hunger Games flick someday since no one knows who the hell is directing the next one(s).  

[via /Film]