Key and Peele nail how Gremlins 2 came about


Anyone who has seen Gremlins 2 (and that should be everyone) has also uttered the words, “What the f**k was that?” It’s a question that’s long plagued all of us, but Key and Peele figured it out as you can see in the sketch below.

Now, normally this would just be a funny sketch and we probalby wouldn’t say anything, but when Joe Dante, the director/writer of the Gremlins films comes out and backs up the sketch we figured we should probably share. It happened exactly like that, evidently.

For his part Dante has repeatedly claimed that Gremlins 2 was basically the studio coming to him and saying do whatever the hell you want with this movie so he made a sequel about how there shouldn’t be a sequel. It’s ridiculous because it’s supposed to be, but more importantly it has Hulk Hogan breaking the fourth wall.

Matthew Razak
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