Kick off the new year with A Quiet Place Part II’s trailer

A Quiet Place Part II - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

It hasn’t even been a full day of the new year and we’re already getting a new look at A Quiet Place Part II. Released earlier this morning, Paramount has given us a short glimpse at the sequel to 2018’s smash-hit and it looks a surprising amount like Sony’s The Last of Us. I’d swear this is an adaptation if you didn’t tell me otherwise.

I guess the concept of a homegrown apocalypse is too much to walk away from. Despite how overused it has become, this film does look pretty good. I’ve never actually seen the original, but there’s a lot of tension and drama contained in this nearly three-minute look. It seems to be doubling down on the aspects people loved from the surprise first movie.

If you’re excited, then you won’t have much longer to wait. A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters on March 20, 2020.

A Quiet Place Part II – Official Trailer [Paramount Pictures via YouTube]

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