Kickstart the also incredibly-casted Ingenious


Yesterday, we told you about the pretty awesome looking film Hotel Noir, which has quite the starpower behind it. Today we’re telling you about another one of those, but I think there’s an even bigger name attached to this: Jeremy Renner. If you aren’t aware, Jeremy Renner is a really fantastic actor. Although he was thrust into the limelight for his awesome performance in The Hurt Locker, the guy has been awesome since at least 2002, where he played Jeffrey Dahmer in the fittingly titled Dahmer

But awesome or not, I’ve never seen Renner in a particularly funny role. Even in The Avengers, where basically everyone was funny at some point or another, Hawkeye was kept pretty serious throughout. So I want to see Renner being funny, and if Ingenious gets funded, I can get that chance. So make that happen.

Ingenious has been in post-production limbo for the past few years, and now the production team behind the film is trying to get it released in theaters through the modern marvel that is Kickstarter. Aside from Renner, the film features performances by Dallas Robert (The Grey), Ayelet Zurer (Munich), and Marguerite Moreau (who won our “Best Actress” award at the Tribeca Film Festival for her performance in Caroline and Jackie). 

Pretty much all of the rewards include some copy of the film, and many of them also come with Kickstarter-exclusive bonus features. Unfortunately, none of the rewards involve a romantic date with Jeremy Renner (something I think that would get the project well past its $48,000 goal), but what’s there still seems pretty decent (especially for earlier adopters, who can get a Blu-ray copy for $25 rather than the eventual $40).

It sounds like a pretty worthwhile project to me, and since the movie is essentially done, there’s not too much risk involved in the process. So if you’ve got some extra funds, send it over their way, because Jeremy Renner is awesome, and I want him to make me laugh.