Kid-friendly Star Trek cartoon in development


Alex Kurtzman, he who controls all of Star Trek, dropped some Trek news during an interview with THR. One of the nuggets was that there isn’t one but two animated Star Trek shows coming. The first, Star Trek: Lower Decks, from the guys behind Rick and Morty, we already knew about. The second, which doesn’t have a title yet and may appear off of CBS All Access, he says is a more kid-friendly animated show.

“There’s other animated things that we’re building that are an entirely different perspective and an entirely different tone [from Lower Decks]. What’s exciting about it is not only looking at each animated series as what’s the different tone, but what’s the different technology we can apply to these things so that visually they’re entirely different?”

If you’re a grown adult of a certain age or a person who binged every episode of Star Trek ever then you may remember Star Trek: The Animated Series. If you are not one of those things then you probably do not, but it did happen, it completely screws up the canon, and it is relentlessly odd. Obviously, this new series will probably be more straightforward and a bit more geared to the younger generation so I’m guessing less odd and more in line with something like Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego reboot or current-gen Ninja Turtles.

That’s what the kids are watching these days, right? Can you tell I don’t cartoon much anymore?

‘Star Trek’: Second Animated Series, More ‘Short Treks’ Coming to CBS All Access (Exclusive) (THR)


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