Kim Jong Il film noir is a thing that is happening


We here at Flixist are pretty big fans of the film noir genre. There aren’t a lot of them around these days, but they do exist. If producer Jeremy Thomas (notable for Crash [the 1996 one], 13 Assassins, and others) and director Paul Berczeller (notable for nothing) have anything to say about it, there will soon be another… with a rather strange subject matter. The pair is putting together a “dramatized film noir” known as A Kim Jong Il Production! (seriously), which has no set release date and basically no other information (except that important events will take place in the fantastic city of Vienna, Austria).

I am interested, but I can’t say I’m excited (or not) until more information has been revealed. The name is incredibly stupid, but hopefully that’s just a code name or something, because there needs to be more (good) noir. 

[Via ScreenDaily]