Kim Novak is a whiny baby; Hates use of Vertigo score


Dear Kim Novak,

In the press release you sent out yesterday, you claimed that you would like to report a rape. Your words. Do you even know what the word “rape” means? It certainly doesn’t mean “I’m upset with someone using a song that was in a movie I was a part of sixty years ago for their own movie”. See, you have no reason to get your panties in a twist because of a musical cue from Vertigo being used in The Artist. Stop it. People have been licensing songs for movies for…gee, just about forever. You see, it’s called “evoking feeling from the audience”. It’s a thing that filmmakers like to do sometimes. And while I haven’t seen The Artist yet, I’m willing to bet that the homage to Vertigo that you’re so up in arms about was done in the most tasteful way.

I’m actually insulted that you would stoop to such grandiose hyperbole when this is such a non-issue. Claiming “my body of work has been violated” shows how horrible your life must be if this is the kind of stuff that sets you off. Also, it’s not your work; it’s the film’s composer Bernard Herrmann’s work. Now stop acting like a child. Go live your life and enjoy retirement. But for the love of all that’s good and holy: stop saying words to people.


Maxwell Roahrig

[via IndieWire]