Kingsman 3 is officially happening, release date announced


The first Kingsman was a fresh smack in the face to James Bond films. Taking everything that was fantastic about the comic book and reflecting it on screen in smart and creative ways that highlighted Matthew Vaughn’s screenplay and direction. It played with its action and comedy to become more than it appeared to be. It looked bad at first glance, but turned out so damn good.

The second movie was pretty much the exact opposite of that. It looked good and ended up being… bland. The exact film you’d think a James Bond parody would be. It still made a crap ton of money, but it wasn’t exactly clear we’d be getting another. 

Well, now the third is confirmed. With a release date in November 8, 2019 — it swooped into James Bond’s spot after those delays. We don’t have an official title yet, but a while ago Vaughn, who is returning for writing and directing duties, said he’d been planning on this being a trilogy all along and that this would conclude the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship.

Remember, Matthew Vaughn’s new studio, Marv Studios, announced they were planning the new film a while ago, but Fox wasn’t on board yet. Now they are so the real question becomes if they’re going to be backing the rest of Vaughn’s crazy Kingsman plans. Those included two other movies, one called Kingsman: The Great Game, which will focus on the organization in the 1900s, and a Statesman movie as well, focussing on the American agents. There is also an eight-hour TV series in development.

I’m a fan of Kingsman on the whole, but I don’t know if I’m that much of a fan of Kingsman

On top of all that Kingsman love, Marv Studios is looking to rekindle Kick-Ass, the cult fave superhero. It looks to be a reboot that may pull in Patience Lee as the titular character, ditching Dave Lizewski from the original film. Along with this, there could be a solo Hit-Girl film that focuses either on an older or younger Hit-Girl. 

So yea, if you’re a fan of Matthew Vaughn adapting Mark Millar comics then life is looking pretty good for you now that the third film is finally confirmed.

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