Kingsman prequel film gets a title, release ahead of Kingsman 3


We already knew that there was a whole lot more Kingsman on the way. Series helmer Matthew Vaughn was said to be working double duty, shooting the prequel before the climactic Kingsman 3. Today brings a tidbit of news regarding that prequel.

In the trend of renaming but also not really using a new name, our Kingsman prequel film is officially titled The King’s Man. Who’s on first?

Previously known as Kingsman: The Great Game, The King’s Man is set to depict the early days of the titular organization and its formation during World War I. Needless to say, franchise faces Taron Egerton and Colin Firth will be skipping the Great War, but shall return for the capstone film of the core trilogy. 

With a Statesman film and a Kingsman series teased, one can’t help but appreciate the ambition of Vaughn and his team, building their own world in a way that would make the heads over at Marvel nod with approval.

Today’s tease mentions “February 2020,” and whether that means the previously announced February 14 2020 date or another day of the month is unclear. For more on all things Kingsman, stay tuned.