Korean Movie Night NY remembers director Park Cheol Soo


[Just a reminder that this continues tomorrow, October 15th, with the 2005 film Green Chair. If you live in New York, make sure you’re there! This is a great (and super rare) opportunity to see a great movie on the big screen.]

Korean Movie Night returns, and it’s kind of a depressing one this time. Earlier this year, director Park Cheol Soo was struck by a drunk driver and killed, and the Korean Culture Service has put together its latest screening series to remember him, showing  two of his older films (301, 302 and Green Chair) before the North American premiere of the film film he lived to see release (B.E.D.). There is also a special, unrelated screening, of the action-comedy Secretly Greatly, playing next Tuesday, September 10. The Park Cheol Soo series then runs every other Tuesday through October.

As always, the films screen on at 7 PM at the Tribeca Cinemas. Tickets are first-come, first-serve, and they are free. More information can be found below.


Korean Movie Night
from September 10, 2012 – October 29, 2013
courtesy of the Korean Cultural Service

Every other Tuesday @ 7pm
Tribeca Cinemas
(54 Varick Street, on the corner of Canal Street, one block from the A, C, E and 1 train Canal Street stops) 

Price: FREE

All seating is first-come, first served.
Doors open at 6:30pm.

Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly (2013)

A group of elite North Korean spies, trained since youth, has been dispatched to South Korea where they’ve disguised themselves as a fool, an aspiring singer, and a high school student. Passing their time without receiving orders from the North, they gradually become accustomed to life as ordinary neighbors in a small town until one day, their mundane lives are turned upside down when a very unexpected “secret and great” mission is suddenly assigned to them. A blockbuster that caters to film fans of all ages, SECRETLY GREATLY is still playing to sold out audiences across Korea! 

Series Five:
 Remembering Park Cheol Soo:
A Korean Filmmaking Legend

When prolific Korean director Park Cheol Soo died earlier this year after being hit by a drunk driver, film fans around the world took solace in the fact that while he was gone, his amazing, truly independent masterpieces would live on forever. As huge fans of his work, the Korean Cultural Service pays tribute to this amazing man by offering up three of his most acclaimed films.

Starting on October 1st, Korean Movie Night celebrates the life of Park Cheol Soo – guaranteed to move you like never before.

As Autumn tugs the leaves from Manhattan’s trees and the days become short, warm yourself with the memory of Park Cheol Soo and his cinematic masterpieces – brought to you for free, as always, by your friends at The Korean Cultural Service.

301, 302

OCTOBER 1 – 301, 302 (1995)

The powerful, boundary-pushing drama that put director Park Cheol Soo on the map, 301, 302 explores the stories of two neighboring women, one who suffers from binge-eating, and the other from anorexia. First at odds with each other, the two women realize that their struggles and dark pasts are not that different – and that their disorders may ultimately bring them together in a very unexpected way. Breaking free from traditional Korean storytelling, the film achieved massive success and became one of the first Korean movies released in North American cinemas.

Green Chair


Ordered to 100 hours of social service for taking a younger lover, Mun-hui meets up with Hyeon, the object of her desire, and becomes engrossed with him yet again. After five passionate days, Mun-hui leaves Hyeon, telling him to remember her as an “odd woman that he met briefly.” Suffering a deep sense of loss, Hyeon eventually receives a call from his lost love – but soon finds himself sharing her with another person. A charming, expertly crafted morality tale, this Sundance Film Festival selection is a powerfully charged erotic masterpiece.


OCTOBER 29B.E.D. (2013)
North American Premiere

In the last film he lived to see released, director Park Cheol Soo explores human obsessive desire for sex. Based on a short novel of the same name, B.E.D. is told through the eyes of the three main characters, whose joy, passion, despair and death overflow into one bed. The man B. has an affair with a bored married woman E., who eventually dumps him. In order to get over E., B. marries D., a divorcee with a small daughter, but still keeps the bed in which he made love with E. His obsession with E. never goes away, as he attempts to get her back.