Kristen Stewart has nothing to say, surprising no one


WorstPreviews caught up with Twilight wunderkind Kristen Stewart at a kacak iddaa press conference for Welcome to the Rileys and asked about the kacak bahis American remake of Martyrs and the sequel to Wanted, both movies illegal bahis Stewart has been rumored to be involved with.

Wyck Godfrey, Twilight online bahis series producer, stated back in June that he wanted Stewart for the Martyrs remake. When asked if Wyck had bahis siteleri spoken to her about the movie, Kristen that he hadn’t, and on top of that, guvenilir bahis siteleri added that she had never heard of the film in the first place. The interviewer then asked if she would canli bahis siteleri want to star in a horror film, Stewart “gave an enthusiastic ‘Yeah!'”

On Wanted 2, she had this to say: “People were talking about that forever a while ago. But I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing next.”

Thanks, Kristen. canli bahis You’re a wealth of information bahis and a credit to our species. Hopefully you’ll have iddaa siteleri something to say on Zathura 2 when it finally gets announced.

Kristen Stewart on “Martyrs” Remake and “Wanted 2” [WorstPreviews]