Krypton to get a spin-off Lobo TV show on Syfy


It appears that Krypton, the Syfy television show about Superman’s home world, is still a thing and so much of a thing that the show is getting its first spin-off. The series introduced Lobo, the foul-mouthed space biker, last season and he went down as well as a guy who wears leather and skulls can go down so he’s getting his own show now. Looks like Syfy wants to do its own Arrowverse thing. 

It appears that Krypton executive producer Cameron Welsh will write the new series, which sees Emmett J. Scanlan return to the role. There’s not much else to know about it, but we’re guessing the tone of the show will be more violent and funnier than Krypton. It’s also interesting because Syfy has been on a rash of cancellations to very hyped shows. Maybe the superhero universe alley is the one they want to start driving their space car down. If so, we can expect a whole host of other characters to start getting their own shows on the network. Well, at least those characters that their Krypton contract allows them to use. 

Interestingly, this will mark yet another universe that DC media has running. Maybe, and this is a highly unlikely maybe, all this confusion and poor planning is actually intentional. Maybe, and again this is a big maybe, DC is playing 4D chess and building to a massive Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline that will bring all their disparate, unwieldy universes down to one. Maybe… maybe not.

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