Kubo and the Two String’s studio Laika’s next film Missing Link gets release date.


Stop-motion filmmaking is notoriously time-consuming. Splicing thousands of slightly different photos together seems like a convoluted way to make a motion picture. And it is, but boy is it worth it, especially when the pros at Laika are involved. Three years after their last project, the creators of Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, and the greatest coming out scene ever seen in a film are set to release their fifth film titled Missing Link, directed by Paranorman co-director Chris Butler.

Zach Galifianakis will star as Mr. Link, the permanently blushing species that connects primates and humans on the evolutionary table. He’s the last of his kind as humans have replaced his species, but with the help of a monster hunter voiced by Hugh Jackman and navigator played by Zoe Saldana, he will search for a fabled land where his people still exist. A presumably fantastical voyage of globetrotting, myths, and monsters await.

Even with only a release date and one image, I’m hyped out of my mind for this. Laika has shown a penchant for wondrous animation and creativity wholly unique to themselves. Kubo was….just so good you guys, oh my god. All Laika films glow with  a palpable passion thanks in part to their complexities and attention to detail. Laika’s underrated pedigree along with the always off-brand humour of Galifianakis makes me think this film won’t do gangbusters, but has a chance to be really special for a few select people. You should really make sure you are one of them come next year April 19th.