Kubrick’s Fear and Desire to be shown on TCM


Wow. Just…wow. Easily Stanley Kubrick’s least-seen movie, Fear and Desire is going to be shown on TCM. This is huge, guys. Well, huge for people interested in Kubrick, and film history as a whole. So that’s like, six of us on here, right? For those of us that are interested in this, tune in to TCM on December 14th at 8pm. This is part of a 24 hour marathon that is in honor of the efforts of the Motion Picture Department at George Eastman House’s film preservation folks.

The rumor is that Kubrick himself tried to acquire every print of Fear and Desire since he thought it was such a failure. Naturally, not every print has taken into account, and collectors and film labs across the world still have a copy. How TCM got the permission of Kubrick’s estate is beyond me, but I’m fortunate that it’s finally getting out there. I’ve actually never seen the film, but I’m incredibly excited to finally get a chance to experience Kubrick’s first feature. Hit the break for a plot description.

Alex, can we get cable already?

[via EW]

This summary comes from the IMDb.

A ficticious war in an unidentified country provides the setting for this drama. Four soldiers survive the crash-landing of their plane to find themselves in a forest six miles behind enemy lines. The group, led by Lt. Corby, has a plan: They’ll make their way to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under cover of night, float back to friendly territory. Their plans for getting back safely are sidetracked by a young woman who stumbles across them as they hide in the woods, and by the nearby presence of an enemy general who one member of the group is determined to kill.