Kung Fu Panda 4 chops into first at the weekend box office


Finally! Movies are back! While I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda 4 yet, what I mean is that there were actual new releases this weekend for filmgoers to watch. With honest-to-good competition going on, it’s no surprise to see that the animated panda film managed to take the top spots. Gotta bring the kids out to the theaters eventually.

Kung Fu Panda 4 managed a $58.3 million domestic debut, though it had a more tepid $22.2 million international opening. Universal Pictures is likely not sweating, however, as the film only cost $85 million to produce. That’s an incredibly restrained number for the fourth entry in an established series, especially with some bigger names in it.

In second came Dune: Part Two, which fell 45% but still generated $46 million for its second weekend. The film has done incredibly well and it seems as if even Po can’t knock the wind out of Dune’s sails. In third was Imaginary with $10 million, which sounds kind of dour, but the film is a relatively low-budget horror movie. It actually matched its budget in this debut, so that’s a good sign.

Down in fourth was Cabrini, another new release from Angel Studios. Earning $7.5 million for its first weekend, it looks as if everything made a solid chunk of change for the weekend. Even Bob Marley: One Love is still hanging on with an extra $4.

Here are the top 10 films for the weekend of March 8-10, 2024. All totals listed are domestic:

  1. Kung Fu Panda 4 – $58.3 million
  2. Dune: Part Two – $46 million
  3. Imaginary – $10 million
  4. Cabrini – $7.5 million
  5. Bob Marley: One Love – $4 million
  6. Ordinary Angels – $2 million
  7. Madame Web – $1.12 million
  8. Migration – $1.1 million
  9. Yolo – $840,000
  10. Wonka – $600,000
[Source] Variety, Box Office Mojo

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